HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Chemung County is recognizing outstanding high school athletes this week, including one Horseheads swimmer that won first place in the 2023 New York State Boys Championship.

Chemung County Executive Chris Moss appeared at Horseheads High School on March 16 to announce that Gold Medal Athlete Week would run until March 22 to honor the local students.

At the proclamation, Moss honored Cullen Cole, a Horseheads student who won first place in the 50-yeard freestyle at the 2023 NYS Boys Swimming Championship. Cole won with an impressive 20.51 seconds.

The Elmira City School District’s boys’ bowling team was also recognized for its first-place win at the 2023 NYS Division 1 Championship.

Other athletes recognized in Moss’ proclamation included Ty Bolt, Alexander Smith, Trent Belloma, and Skylar Shadduck of Elmira High School, Broadway Academy’s Alexander Gublo, and Ernie Davis Academy’s Frankie Angelo.

The proclamation said these athletes “have brought great honor and recognition to themselves and to Chemung County through their athletic accomplishments”.

“We are proud to recognize these outstanding individuals for their exceptional athletic ability and dedication to their sport,” Moss said in the proclamation. “Their achievements serve as an inspiration to all of us and showcase the talent and determination of our local athletes.”