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Horseshoe Mania Held in Elmira

Forty five of the top pitchers in the region compete at Grove Park

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 SPORTS) - A New York State sanctioned horseshoe event was held on Saturday in Grove Park in Elmira.

Forty five of the best male and female pitchers in the region participated in Horseshoe Mania.

The event is dedicated to help break ground on a brand new horseshoe complex at McKinnon Park in Elmira.

Also on Sunday, pitchers are welcome to attend and compete in the public competition. A draw for a partner will be the format which also guarantees seven games for each team. 

The winners are listed below:

Class A - Ken Fraser - men's 
Class A - Julie Bernard - women's
Class B - Dan Harbst
Class C - David Reynolds
Class D - Lauren Taylor
Class E - Tori Hogan

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