Legendary driver JD McDuffie on Watkins Glen Walk of Fame

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A racing legend will be enshrined forever on the Watkins Glen Walk of Fame in downtown. 

In 1991, JD McDuffie tragically died in a car crash at Watkins Glen International (WGI). It was a moment that sent shock waves throughout the entire racing and sports communities. McDuffie was a NASCAR pioneer in fighting for the independents and having a spot on the circuit when many simply could not race on their own due to high cost and sponsorships.

On Monday, 18 Sports learned that McDuffie’s name is now on the Walk of Fame honoring his life and legacy. This comes at the same time that 18 Sports received first place for McDuffie’s feature story in honor of his life at the NYS Associated Press (AP) awards. 

Additionally, 18 Sports won first place for their NASCAR special, The Glen All-Access for best sports coverage. 

For a full look at the award-winning story on McDuffie, watch now:

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