ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – A new book capturing the bond and relationship with two local legends is finally complete.

Last year, the Twin Tiers lost a coaching icon when Elmira Notre Dame’s Mike D’Aloisio passed away after a lengthy battle with ALS. Before his death, D’Aloisio had been working on a new book with stories and inspirational moments on former player and friend the late-great Joel Stephens. For a decade, D’Aloisio had been working on finishing the work but his health prevented the final product.

Longtime friend and colleague, Tony Pucci, who worked as an English teacher at Elmira Notre Dame with D’Aloisio for decades made a promise to finalize the book. In doing so, Pucci has included several Coach D memorials and tributes from those who knew him best adding to the legend and story of Elmira’s all-time winningest football coach. It’s the second book D’Aloisio has finished on Stephens, 5C Hero The Joel Stephens Story was released in 2009 in honor of Joel’s life.

The new book Twin Tiers Living Legends Remembering Joel Stephens and Coach D is co-authored by D’Aloisio and Pucci. It’s now available for purchase on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle version. You can also get the book from Pucci directly by contacting him via email at anthonyjpucci@gmail.com.

For Pucci, the bond D’Aloisio and Stephens had was remarkable. Through good times like Stephens breaking rushing records and playing in the Baltimore Orioles farm system, to the harder ones of Joel’s untimely death from colon cancer in 1998 at age 22, it was a bond that many can learn from on the journey of life.

“He (D’Aloisio) was an extraordinarily good friend, not only to me, but to everybody he met,” Pucci said. “He, as well as Joel Stephens, will never be forgotten.”

In the end, Pucci believes that completing this special project will stay with readers forever. It’s a comprehensive look at one of the most compelling relationships in local history. It’s a book of strength, honor, integrity and faith. Pucci hopes to keep their winning legacies alive, one chapter at a time.

“If the book contributes in some small way to that, then I’m satisfied.”