UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — The Penn State All-Sports Museum has announced that a new project will honor one of the school’s greatest alums, Franco Harris.

The project, a memorial photomosaic mural, will be installed in the Museum’s main lobby, creating a memorial that befits Franco’s well-deserved reputation as a true “man of the people.”

One of the things for which Franco was best known was his willingness to stop and take photos with fans. The project is therefore asking people from every intersection of Franco’s life to submit their photos to the project website:

The mosaic can hold up to 7500 individual photos, and the goal is to reach that number with photos submitted by the many thousands of fans who appreciate the legend that is Franco Harris.

The submission site will also give everyone the ability to caption their photos to say something – about where/when the photo was taken, or a message about meeting Franco, or the kind of person he was, etc. Captions are not required to submit photos.

There is no cost involved for the submission of photos to the project.

The only requirement is that all photos submitted must feature people with Franco himself – not just a photo of Franco, or people’s photos of themselves wearing Franco’s jersey, or standing next to a cardboard cutout or in front of a billboard, etc.