The wait is nearly over. On May 21, championship level golf returns to Oak Hill 

For the die-hard golf fan, there will be plenty of big names like Daly, Langer and Sluman. But for the food enthusiasts, the Kitchen Aid Senior PGA Championship also has you covered.

“It’s really about having the whole family together and coming out and enjoying the amazing golf. And then come on into the fairway club and see some amazing cooking,” said KitchenAid Director of Global Partnerships, Deb O’Connor.

The fairway club is located in the Championship Courtyard which is a 28,000 square foot structure that will hold full kitchens where fans can interact with products and celebrity chefs.”

“You can come in and make some pasta with us and learn how to use a pasta roller,” said O’Connor.

Chris Covelli, a KitchenAid Chef says, “think of kids, they’re in their playpen and they got all their toys. This is the large cooks toy play pen.”

“this is your opportunity and you have professional chefs here,” said O’Connor.

“Tom Colicchio is coming, Alex Guarnaschelli,” says Covelli. He continued, “and they actually get their fans up close which they don’t get when they’re on tv.”

And after getting up close and personal with your favorite chefs, try getting up close and personal with an appliance with the KitchenAid immersive video experience.

“You can actually put on goggles and be inside of a dishwasher while it’s working so you can look up and see the water spraying on you. You always wondered what’s going on inside your dishwasher right? Now you can know,” said O’Connor.

Whether you’re the cook or the club pro, they’ve got you covered.