ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Things are getting busy at Oak Hill for the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. Though maybe not as deadly serious as you might think.

It doesn’t take long to notice that the senior pros seem a lot looser than the younger guys. Most Champions Tour events are only three rounds instead of four and there is no cut. So everyone who shows up gets a paycheck.

One of the top senior pros, Scott McCarron says that’s not the only reason the smiles come a bit easier for the older guys.

“We’re not out trying to get the other guys job, you know what I mean,” says McCarron. “I’m pretty secure out here. Most of the guys are pretty secure out here so there’s a lot more camaraderie. As far as that looseness, you might see that. I play practice rounds every Tuesday with the same group of guys and we have about 8 of us that rotate around with two groups and we’ll all go to dinner so we’re hanging out more now than maybe we did on the PGA tour because it’s not as cutthroat”