Ever since we were young, our grades schools have always handed out brackets and told us to fill them out, to compete in a school wide bracket challenge.  I remember having dress-down days (Yes, I was one of those kids), as long as it had a college team on the shirt.  Young and uninformed, we picked our favorite teams to win it all and not the actual best.

I remember a few brackets, where I picked Penn State to win it all.  Any Nittany Lion fan, or basketball fan for that matter, knows that State College isn’t exactly a basketball dynasty.  (Though we all remember that tourney win over UNC)

It’s ingrained in our minds that March is for basketball. 

But the longer I live here, the more I realize that March is the month of hockey.

We start with, of course, the National Champions.  The Elmira College Womens Hockey team are the best.  That’s not a phrase, that’s a factual statement.

Since the hire of Dean Jackson a few months ago, the Soaring Eagles have always had a continual confidence.  Through out the season, win or lose, mostly win, the Purple & Gold were well aware that they were good and that they were better than most.

They may have slipped a few times this season, but they always knew that they would bounce back.  And they did.  Middlebury may have seemed like E.C’s kryptonite at times, but everygame between the two, was closer then than the score indicated. 

Each time, the Soaring Eagles made adjustments, and when it came time, they were ready.

Senior leaderships was key, especially in the net, as one goal was enough.  A 1-0 win, solidified and confirmed what we all knew, the Soaring Eagles are the best in the nation.

Congratulations to Elmira College on an epic season.

Down the street from the main campus, the Jackals went on a point streak, the likes that most had never seen.  Even in a loss, they still would force an overtime period, to at least pick up a single point.

That slowly moved the Jackals up the standings, and seperated them from the pack. 

Elmira has continued to make important transactions which have all helped the Jackals on the ice. 

Recently, Elmira has come out of the gate firing, getting ahead of Trenton and Fort Wayne, with leads of 5-0 in the first period.

The Jackals still have a ways to go, and they know it, but it will be fun to watch for all of us.