As I’m writing this, I have roughly one hour left on my career here at WETM.  It’s amazing how quickly seven years can go by.

I’m leaving Elmira with some of the best memories of my life.  I’ve made lifelong friends, and met some people who have truly left a lasting impact on my life.

I wish I could thank you all in this space, but the list is far too long, and I’d surely leave someone out.

The staff here at WETM, while ever-changing, has been filled with people I’m proud to call my friends.  Some are still around Elmira, many have moved on to the next step in their careers… and now I’m taking my next step in the journey of life.

This week has been almost surreal.  The phonecalls, emails, twitter & facebook messages have poured in – and I appreciate them all.  I can’t even begin to describe how much your words have meant to me.

I’ll leave you with this: Keep smiling, keep laughing, and enjoy every part of the journey.  We never know what twists and turns we’ll take – so make sure you take in the scenery along the way.

To all of you, I say thanks.  Thanks for making me part of the community.  I’ll never forget you.

And… if you’re ever in Buffalo, you know where to find me (WIVB).