Sometimes the metaphors just write themselves. Or in this case, they’re painted poorly. 

NFL fans ripped the Jets on Sunday ahead of their matchup against the Patriots at MetLife Stadium once those in attendance noticed the team’s end zone was so poorly painted that white footprints could be seen, presumably from whoever painted the area. It’s worth noting that it’s raining at MetLife but paint footprints are certainly not a common occurrence in NFL end zones. 

And that was before players started warming up. Once players hit the turf, reporters in attendance noticed the number of white footprints increased exponentially, making the paint job all the more comical. Whoever is in charge of painting the end zone will certainly hear about it by day’s end.  

It’s a perfect metaphor for the Jets’ season so far considering they lost Aaron Rodgers for the year on this same field in his first four snaps. Now, the team is 1–1 and looking to avoid a loss in the divisional column. But before that, here are the best reactions to the hilarious hiccup: