Things turned ugly and violent during the Europa Conference League Final on Wednesday when fans threw objects onto the pitch, bloodying a player. 

The match between Fiorentina and West Ham was in its 33rd minute when fans could be seen throwing trash at players. Fiorentina’s Cristiano Biraghi was struck with several plastic bottles to the head before appearing to take a corner kick and shrugged it off by sarcastically clapping for the unruly fans. 

Unfortunately, he started significantly bleeding from the back of his head and he needed to be tended to, leading to a stoppage of play. 

It’s unknown if any of the West Ham fans in attendance at Fortuna Arena in Prague were disciplined. Biraghi returned to action for his club sporting purple bandages on his head after the long pause in action. 

West Ham went on to win the Europa Conference League Final, 2–1, thanks to a 90th minute goal from Jarrod Bowen.