The Damian Lillard trade saga finally came to a dramatic close Wednesday when the former Trail Blazers star was dealt to the Bucks in a massive three-team blockbuster. Now, as the dust settles, new regular season storylines are starting to form. The most recent one revolving around Tyler Herro’s spite.

The Miami guard was rumored to be a trade piece for the Heat to acquire Lillard, but in July ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Portland had no interest in acquiring him. 

“Portland doesn’t have interest in bringing in Tyler Herro,” the ESPN insider said on SportsCenter. “Their group, already, is built around young guards.”

Herro heard the noise and took a not-so-subtle jab at the Trail Blazers.

“For the teams that didn’t want me, that’s on you. For the team’s that do want me, you’ll see why you want me,” he said.

Then he was asked about his team’s next matchup with Portland and didn’t hold back. 

“I’m ready to just play the best, Portland ain’t the best,” Herro continued. “So, I’m not really worried about Portland.”

Miami will travel to Portland on Feb. 27 where Herro will get his chance to back up his talk.