The New York Giants’ 1–3 start has everyone playing the blame game, with much of the ire directed at an offensive line that gave up a whopping 11 sacks in Monday night’s 24–3 loss to the Seahawks. But when breaking down the film, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky believes QB Daniel Jones’ decision-making is the biggest culprit of the Giants’ offensive woes.

During a segment on ESPN’s NFL Live Tuesday, Orlovsky analyzed several key plays from Monday’s game and came away with the conclusion that the Giants’ offensive line was only to blame for four of the 11 sacks the team conceded.

“It’s okay for us to expect more out of the performance from Daniel Jones,” Orlovsky said. “I understand he’s playing with backup offensive linemen, and they did not play great. But out of those 11 sacks that we talked about, one is Parris Campbell on a trick play… four of them on the offensive line, six of them are on Daniel Jones either holding the ball too long, trying to escape and maybe run for one or two yards… It’s okay for us to sit there and say, ‘I expect our sixth-year, 40+ million dollar quarterback to figure them out.”

Among the plays Orlovsky broke down are the catastrophic strip-sack that set up Seattle in the red zone and the 97-yard pick six by Devon Witherspoon. In both cases, he assigned the blame more to Jones than the offensive line. In the first instance, Jones did a poor job of recognizing where pressure was likely coming from and changing the play. And in the second, Jones forced a throw to his first read into double coverage rather than hitting open men on his second and third check.

In all, the easy-to-understand breakdown helps the disastrous play of the Giants offense, and seems likely to only add to the criticism of Jones, who signed a four-year, $160 million contract this offseason.