Despite coming up short against No. 8 USCColorado coach Deion Sanders was proud of the of his team’s second-half effort in the Buffaloes’ 48–41 loss on Saturday.

Colorado, who trailed the Trojans 34–7 in the first half, were resilient over the final thirty minutes outscoring USC 27–14 down the stretch.

Following the strong effort, Sanders’ son Deion Jr., who is documenting the Buffaloes’ season on social media, shared his Dad’s passionate postgame locker room speech on TikTok.

“You know how much I hate losing, because I am winner. You have nothing, nothing, not one thing to hang your head down on,” said a proud Sanders. “You guys fought, you were resilient, you didn’t give up. You could’ve quit, you could’ve tapped out.  I’m so damn proud of y’all.”

Sanders stressed that his players should learn from the loss and use the experience as a building block to give maximum effort for a full sixty minutes in the future. 

“Now y’all understand where we are,” Sanders said. “You understand what could’ve, should’ve [happened] if we would have played the first half like we did the second. Understand that taste in your mouth, so you don’t ever [have to taste it] it again.”


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Colorado’s first-year coach stressed love and appreciation for the foundation being built by his young squad.

"You have to be a fool if you can't see what we are building here. I am proud of each and everyone of you, coaches included."