One of the loudest morning yelling sports shows is reportedly going to have a big change coming soon, as Shannon Sharpe is set to leave Fox Sports 1’s Undisputed shortly after the NBA Finals, according to the New York Post

Sharpe and Fox Sports, according to the report, have reached a buyout agreement which will end his run with the show that he joined in 2016. 

The former NFL great has spent many mornings arguing with his co-host, Skip Bayless, and it seems as if tensions between the two have led to this move. 

Shortly after the news came out, fans pointed to a heated moment between the two that came last December while they discussed Tom Brady’s career versus Sharpe’s career.

Was this the tipping point? We obviously can’t say for sure that it is but if you watch this video you’ll understand why Sharpe wants to be done with this show and with Bayless. 

Fans sounded off on that segment: