SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Despite the Syracuse University Men’s Basketball Team not making the cut, Syracuse has proven it has the most “die-hard” March Madness fans, according to a new survey.

In Chicago’s Home Run Inn Pizza’s new survey on March Madness, Syracuse fans rank 5th for the most “die-hard” fans who still plan to be glued to the TV for the next two weeks, watching the tournament, which Syracuse University’s Women’s Basketball team is still in.

In Chicago’s Home Run Inn Pizza’a methodology, they conducted a survey with a nationally representative sample based on U.S. Census Bureau data. A little over 1000 respondents were asked about their viewing habits as well as food and drink consumption during college basketball tournament season.

The survey showed that you can’t take March Madness out of Syracuse fans, as on average, fans say they plan to watch 10.7 games throughout the tournament. 

They also rank number 12 for fans who say they’ll spend the most time watching the game and following coverage while at work with 33 minutes per workday.

Not only did the study show how great Syracuse fans are, but how much fans will spend on food, drinks and where they plan to watch the game.

Additional highlights from the study include:

  • Average number of games fans plan to watch: 9.6
  • Average food and drink budget during the tournament: $82.70
  • 28% have “double-dipped” their food at a tournament party
  • Nearly one in four have been hungover after watching a tournament game
  • 52% plan to watch tournament games or follow scores while working

For more information on the survey, click here.