TAMPA, Fla. (COVERS) — When it comes to major wagers, no single-day event is more attractive to bettors than the Super Bowl. In fact, “Super Bowl biggest bets” is a common Google search term, such is the interest in big plays on the Big Game.

The largest entry by far came Jan. 28 at BetMGM, which took a massive $2.3 million bet in Las Vegas on the Buccaneers +3.5 (-115). Should Tampa Bay cover, the bettor would win a cool $2 million.

“Money right now is 12/1 on the Bucs, just because of that bet,” BetMGM Nevada’s Jeff Stoneback said of the disparity in point-spread money on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LV Biggest Bets

Here are the biggest bets we’ve seen so far on the Super Bowl in 2021:

AmountTo WinBetSportsbookDate
$2,300,000$2,000,000Buccaneers +3.5 (-115)BetMGMJan. 28
$180,000$100,000Chiefs ML (-180)BetMGMJan. 24
$120,000$100,000Chiefs -3 (-120)William HillJan. 24
$115,000$100,000Chiefs -3 (-115)BetMGMJan. 25
$110,000$100,000Chiefs -3 (-110)BetMGMJan. 24
$100,000$60,606Chiefs ML (-165)William HillJan. 31
$98,550$59,727Chiefs ML (-165)William HillJan. 25
$50,000$73,000Buccaneers ML (+146)FanDuelJan. 25
BetMGM Lands Early Six-Figure Plays

Right out of the gate Jan. 24, after Super Bowl odds first went up, BetMGM took a $180,000 play on Chiefs moneyline -180, a wager that would win $100,000 as long as Kansas City wins the game. That same evening, a bettor put $110,000 on the Chiefs -3, to win $100,000. And on Monday, another BetMGM customer wagered $115,000 on Chiefs -3 (-115), also to win $100,000.

William Hill US Draws Major Wagers

As of Feb. 1, the biggest wager thus far at William Hill US came right after the opening line went up Jan. 24. An Illinois bettor put $120,000 on Chiefs -3 (-120), to win $100,000. WillHill also saw an early bet for $98,550 on Chiefs moneyline -165, to win $59,727. On Jan. 31, a Las Vegas bettor put $100,000 on Chiefs moneyline -165, to win $60,606.

FanDuel Takes $50K Wager

FanDuel has seen a few five-figure wagers, the largest of which is a $50,000 play on Buccaneers moneyline +146. The bet was placed Monday and, should Tampa Bay win outright, the customer would pocket $73,000.

Big Bets Aren’t Usually From Sharp Bettors

Too often, people assume that the biggest bets on the Super Bowl come from sharp bettors. However, that’s almost never the case. In almost all instances, these bets come from high-rolling customers whom sportsbooks/casinos are willing to extend a much higher betting limit.

That’s not to say some of these bettors aren’t informed about their plays. But they’re not seen in the same light as professional bettors. Perhaps the best indication of that so far for Super Bowl 55 comes in the form of that aforementioned $2.3 million wager on Bucs +3.5 (-115) at BetMGM. Even after that bet landed, and even though it put BetMGM Nevada in a spot where there’s now 12 times more Tampa point-spread money, the line remained Bucs +3.5 (-115), not moving so much as a nickel on the price.

Sharp play, on the other hand, often will move the needle on far smaller bets, leading to an adjustment on the number and/or the price, depending on the type of bet. Even one wager from a respected player can move the number. For example, after The SuperBook posted Super Bowl odds on Jan. 24, the total initially moved from 57 to 57.5. Then sharp play – perhaps as relatively nominal as $1,000 – came in on Under 57.5 and Under 57, and the book quickly dropped to 56.5.

“It’s not about the dollar amount,” SuperBook executive director John Murray said. “It’s about the customer who bet it.”