DIX, N.Y. (WETM) – The NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen International brings in thousands of fans and families from near and far every summer.

The atmosphere is never short of electric for Go Bowling at the Glen. Fans—with their earplugs ready—will eagerly watch to see if Chase Elliott can make his comeback after finishing behind Kyle Larson in 2021.

But people around the country are excited for NASCAR, too. According to Google Trends, earlier this week, several NASCAR-related questions were breakout searches, surging in popularity. On August 16, the top five states searching for NASCAR Cup Series were West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Iowa.

Here are the five most common NASCAR questions, according to Google:

  • Who has the most NASCAR wins?
    • According to NASCAR’s statistics, Kyle Busch has the most combined NASCAR national series wins with a total of 224 (60 Cup Series races, 102 Xfinity Series races, 62 Camping World Truck Series races)
  • What engines do NASCAR use?
  • How did NASCAR start?
    • NASCAR began on the road when Bill France, Sr. organized a meeting in Florida on the future of stock car racing in 1947. The first race ran the next year.
  • How fast do NASCAR cars go in a race?
    • Fast. NASCAR drivers easily drive at speeds over 200 mph, and they can go from zero to 60 mph in about three seconds. In order to get up to speed that quickly, the cars have to apply over 2,500 pounds of force against the track, according to The Conversation.
  • How do pit stops work in NASCAR?
    • NASCAR allows only six mechanics into the pit for each pit stop (unlike the 12 allowed in Formula One). In a matter of seconds, these mechanics have to change tires, refill the fuel, and repair broken pieces.
    • WIRED reports that the crew stands by with their tires and necessary tools at the ready. As the car approaches (in five seconds), they jump into the pit.
    • Then, simultaneously, within two seconds, someone jacks up the far side of the car while someone else fuels up the car with a fresh can.
    • In the next five to seven seconds, the wheels are removed with pneumatic air guns and the new wheel is screwed into place. Then the process is repeated for the other side of the car.
    • If no one makes a mistake, WIRED said the pit stop should only last about 12 seconds.