Workforce Development

The number one factor for business location or expansion decisions is often talent availability, both quantity, and quality. STEG connects local companies to the education programs and workforce training they need to secure the region’s next-generation workforce. It also helps lead workforce research and advocacy at the regional level, with a strong emphasis on using marketing to retain and grow the available workforce.

Our Approach

  • Workforce Skills Analysis is conducted in cooperation with regional partners
  • Talking points for national and regional advocacy on workforce needs are developed.
  • Local and regional branding and shared website content promote the Southern Tier as a top employment destination.
  • Local companies are connected to training, grant, and work-based learning opportunities.

Performance Indicators

  • 10% year-over-year growth in impressions for talent attraction webpages.
  • Consistent job candidate and training program referrals reported
  • Reports of shorter time-to-hire by county’s largest employers.

$70,000 STEG Annual Investment