STEG strengthens business leadership, communication, and problem-solving around common challenges. It has helped strengthen and amplify business leadership in the community since 1934 and continues to prioritize that work with its next generation of leaders. STEG leads discussions around the region’s most pressing economic challenges and opportunities and provides forums for leaders to discuss specific topics impacting their business.

Our Approach

  • Oversight Committee of top investors meets bi-annually and performs an 18-month audit to recommend needed mid-term adjustments.
  • Marketing & Communications committee secures interns, issues traditional media releases, and shares accomplishments via social media with the public, investors, and stakeholders.
  • CEO Roundtable is a bi-annual event that is hosted by area employers to develop new leadership and explore key questions related to the economic prosperity of the region.

Performance Indicators

  • Two CEO Roundtable discussions are held each year
  • 85% ‘Satisfied’ or ‘Very Satisfied’ annual survey rating is achieved
  • There is 10% Year over Year growth in social media impressions, likes, and shares.

$10,000 STEG Annual Investment