HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) — The City of Hornell has entered into EMS agreements with Hartsville, Jasper, and Troupsburg.

According to a post on the City of Hornell City Hall Facebook page, the City of Hornell finalized agreements with Hartsville, Jasper, and Troupsburg this week, and the agreements will take effect on April 1. Starting on this day, Hornell will only provide emergency medical services for municipalities that have signed an agreement with the city.

The Town of Howard intends to sign an agreement but was unable to sign before the March 31 deadline. Hornell will still provide EMS to Howard while the contract is finalized. The Town of Woodhull is expected to sign an agreement with Hornell before the deadline.

The City of Hornell approved the resolution requiring other municipalities to have agreements with the city to receive EMS in September 2022. This resolution is in response to the ongoing struggle in Steuben County for medical agencies to meet EMS demands.

“As call volumes increase across the area, it was vital to address this issue to ensure our taxpaying residents weren’t shouldering the costs of EMS services for other municipalities,” said Hornell Mayor John Buckley.

Hornell will provide Basic Life Support services to Hartsville, Jasper, and Troupsville. The city will also provide Advanced Life Support services to Hartsville. Jasper and Troupsville will continue receiving Advanced Life Support services from local volunteers. Hornell’s agreements with these municipalities will be in effect for one year.