HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) — Hornell residents can expect to see police officers riding around the city using a new mode of transportation: e-bikes.

The City of Hornell announced on Facebook that the Hornell Police Department recently acquired two brand-new electric bikes. These new e-bikes are equipped with police gear, like lights and sirens, and can reach speeds of up to 30 mph. The bikes’ charges can last up to 5 hours without peddling. If the officers peddle while riding, the batteries will last for even longer. Additionally, the motors are powerful enough to take officers up the steep hills in Hornell.

“The e-bikes have proven to be a valuable addition to our department. It allows for more public engagement and improved community policing,” said Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray. “The bikes enable our officers to have a better ground-level perspective, fostering positive interactions and closer engagement with the community. They’ve been well-received in our interactions so far and our officers have enjoyed using them.”

In light of recent reports of e-bike-related fires across the country, the Hornell Police Department is taking steps to ensure all safety procedures are followed. Captain Mike Sexsmith is running an e-bike training program to teach officers about e-bike safety. As of July 27, about half of Hornell’s officers have been trained.

To read the City of Hornell’s full statement about the new e-bikes, you can view this Facebook post.