(WETM)- On this episode of Studio 18, Chelsea Lovell visits New York Sport and Fitness (NYSF) to talk with owner, Heather Maio, about some nutritious, and refreshing summer breakfast ingredients.

She shares some smoothies on her menu. A couple of the smoothies on her menu have peanut butter, and she also has avocado powder. Both make drinks nice and creamy with benefits of added fats! Almost all of the shakes have dried greens, spinach and kale in them and if not you can add them. They are great to sneak in because you don’t taste them and they help boost your immune system!

For added protein supplements NYSH predominately uses whey protein but they do have other alternatives for those who are dairy free including hemp protein, and egg white protein. Heather says her vegetable smoothies are the most refreshing smoothies to start a hot summer day.