(WETM)- “I see most of my clients in the spring. The minute the frost is out of the ground, the phone rings.” Peter Lowman owns Lowman gardens and shares some tips on home landscaping with 18 News Today Anchor Chelsea Lovell.  
“The best time to plan especially shrubbery and trees, is Fall. You can get away with some Spring but Fall, the stress is gone. We have 50 degree nights, we have 65 degree days. It’s not stressed, and there’s plenty of time for everything to be established. Before the winter hits.”   
If you are consulting a landscaper with an idea in mind, you must also keep in mind a big part of designing projects is sunlight. Lowman says, “you have to incorporate shade, and the sun. So, you’ve got to know your plant material because sunny plants won’t grow in shade. And then you’ve got to think about the texture, and I love to incorporate greenery, with ornamental floral.” He goes on to say, “If we have great sunlight, there’s a myriad of plants you can use, and if we don’t, that comes down. The other thing that’s been a real issue the last 10 years…deer. You have to be sensitive to deer resistant products that may not be the best you want, but you can put in plant material that in a week the deer are going to devastate.” 

Lowman recently took on one of his most challenging and rewarding projects. “When I bought the house, I couldn’t even see most of the house. It was so overgrown. The first stage was to just take everything out, which was a big commitment,” said Todd Yoggy the property owner and client of Peter Lowman.  

But even though this was a big project, Lowman actually found the challenge enjoyable. He says “it’s fun to design a home that’s in the needs to be helped, and then when you see it… there it is.” 

Although when they first saw the home, it looked almost helpless, there was some workable parts that lead the design. Yoggy says, “there was somewhat of a footprint here with the stone walls and so you know we really just wanted to continue to not jeopardize the original integrity of what was designed for the property through when the house was built in 1923. So, we kind of took that and then built from that and continue to complement the existing pieces that were already here.” 

Are you wondering how long this massive project took? “Three and a half years,” says Lowman.  

He breaks down the design of Yoggy’s home. “We wanted to have a barrier to separate this patio area fountain area, and his drive thru over there. So we got this done, and we got started on the front. 
The second year we put in, I call it the berm. We dug out his whole left side, if you look at Hoffman, his whole left side of his yard. We planted the whole thing. I think he might have been a little hesitant on that but when it was done, he was pretty happy.” 

The outcome of this property makes Lowman very proud. He says, “this property over four years has been probably my flagship of design of workability, of working with Todd. We’re still tweaking it, but, when you look around, this is what a landscaper can do with plant knowledge, and also to have a collaborative effort with the owner.” 

Landscapers are artists, so I asked Lowman if he has any signatures in his work. “You always need a pop of color, and you always need a pop of green in the winter. You’ve gotta be careful which green you use, because the deer like green.”