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TWC Ministries was inspired and commissioned by God with the purpose to build His kingdom, build His people, and to build the nations. We will accomplish this by encouraging the body of Christ, bringing greater unity to the people of God, energizing marketplace ministers, raising up and training leaders to impact their world, planting and supporting church ministries, building schools, building clinics, teaching leadership, and sharing our gifts and talents to win souls for our Lord Jesus Christ.

God has placed no limits on what can be done or how to accomplish this mission. The only exceptions to His ordination of this ministry would be our own mindsets. We will stand on the Word of God, obey the Word of God, use wisdom that He alone gives, and get out energy and determination to win from the Holy Spirit! We will execute and complete this mission on all soils.

  • We will build and plant churches and fellowships on all continents
  • We will ordain Pastors to become leaders in their churches
  • We will strengthen the local Pastors through training
  • We will build fellowship and care among Pastors and leaders
  • We will conduct Christian roundtables with business leaders
  • We will build and operate Bible Colleges to train up Pastors
  • We will build and operate schools for educating children
  • We will build and operate health clinics
  • We will develop agricultural products to meet human needs
  • We will work with others to develop clean water availability
  • We will invest in and teach leadership at all levels
  • We will provide our youth with vocational training for employment
  • We will build and operate rehabilitation centers
  • We will build up women and children through ministry
  • We will train people in small business to promote lifestyle change
  • We will start businesses to promote a stronger economy
  • We will work at government levels with specific needs and issues
  • We will conduct crusades to evangelize and reach the lost
  • We will partner with other ministries to accomplish more
  • We will build up people through spiritual transformation
  • We will change minds
  • We will change habits
  • We will change cultures