(WHTM) – Questions about his handling of a sexual harassment complaint continue to swirl around Governor Josh Shapiro and it did come up on This Week in Pennsylvania.

One of Shapiro’s top aides, Mike Vereb, resigned last week stemming from a sexual harassment complaint made by a female subordinate early in the year.

A number of women lawmakers expressed frustration that Vereb kept his job for months while the staffer was so uncomfortable. They also didn’t like that Shapiro didn’t directly respond until yesterday, more than a week after Vereb’s resignation.

Christopher Nicholas of The Eagle Consulting Group said, “So far Shapiro has hidden behind the fact that it’s a personnel decision. Mike Vereb has been a top staffer to him since first elected attorney general it’s hard to believe he didn’t know about Vereb’s caddish behavior over the years and he just found out about it.”

Michael Manzo, Senior Vice President of Triad Strategies said, “It’s very difficult for someone like a governor to play this thing out publicly.”

The governor insists there are robust procedures in place to protect women in the workplace and they were followed in this instance.