TOWN OF ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Tensions rose during the public comment section during the Board of Fire Commissioners meeting in the Town of Elmira.

Some locals were dissatisfied with recent meetings.

One local man raised numerous issues that he had. The first being his distrust in the Fire Commissioners. He referenced how they refused to answer questions during last month’s meeting.

He also stated mutual aid as a problem, saying that it creates a delay in coverage.

However, the assistant fire chief, Greg Terpolilli, was on the defense. He spoke about his personal experience in which he said the fire department had a full response to his situation.

“My wife called 911 in January this year,” said Terpolilli. “We had a response, a very good response. She since then has passed. We had a full response. These guys I don’t think we should have to ask for their resignation. They’re doing the job, they’re still here. You guys aren’t that’s all I’m going to say.”

During his comment, another local woman chimed in on Terpolilli’s defense.

He said the department is doing all they can with the staff they have, given that 15 members left after taking an oath at the fire department.

They have 20 active members and part-time helpers at the moment.

Other than the public comment section, the meeting consisted of business, as usual, discussing issues at the station or things to work on.