Jump Start to Living Well: Horrifying fitness myths

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ELMIRA, N.Y (WETM) – In this week’s episode of Jump Start to Living Well, New York Sport and Fitness owner Heather Maio debunks some horrifying fitness myths.

Myth 1: doing crunches is the only way to get a flat stomach

The truth to this is it is not possible to spot reduce. The only way to get a flat stomach is to do full body lifts and workouts such as deadlifting, squats or any activity that activates your entire body.

Myth 2: No pain; No gain

The truth is you should never be in pain. Pain is what you want to avoid. Heather says yes after a workout you may feel sore or uncomfortable but never in actual pain.

Myth 3: Heavy lifting can make you look “bulky”

The truth to that is heavy lifting will not make you look “bulky” and if it did then a lot of people would be happy to be able to bulk up in a day. Also, building muscle is very difficult and takes a lot of work and a surplus of calories. Heather’s advice to ladies why it is important to lift so they can move furniture by themselves, pick up your kiddos and carry in those groceries.

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