ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – This week in Jump Start to Living Well, Alexander Leritz is back and going over Grant’s in-body results. Over the last 6 weeks, Grant has lost 1.4 pounds of body weight with some of that coming from muscle mass, which is not what he wants! Alex explains that during periods of time when people stop exercising, such as vacation, athletic individuals can drop some muscle mass rather quickly as the body is trying to sustain itself. Grant’s body fat however is still considered to be the athletic category even with the slight drop in muscle. Grant is curious as to why he has lost a little bit of muscle mass and gained a little bit of fat and shares that he struggles with the fact that he works out and eats well and still isn’t satisfied. Alex goes over his nutrition and discovers Grant has been eating over one thousand calories of peanuts a day. Yes you read that correctly. Alex shares what could be the next step to help Grant get to where he wants to be (like maybe cool it on the peanuts). Next week Alex is back and they go over post workout nutrition!