(WETM) – This week in Jump Start to Living Well, owner of New York Sport and Fitness Heather Maio sits down with Grant and calls him out on his lack of training this summer. Grant has been travelling a bunch this year and has slacked on his fitness. From Saint Michaels, Maryland to St. Pete, Florida to D.C. to NYC he has been on a tour of his own to see his friends after getting his vaccine and being isolated for the entirety of last year. So while he has been having fun, his fitness has fallen by the wayside and Heather says it is time to get back with it now that fall is fast approaching. He argues that between dancing and running around with his friends he gets his cardio in but Heather shuts that down fast. In this episode they go through the changes she expects Grant to make over the next coming weeks and how she is going to hold him accountable!