(WETM) – This week on Jump Start to Living Well, John Maio is back to explain how local high schoolers and college kids take advantage of their strength training classes at NYSF. John says during their sports season that one to two days a week of basic lifting is sufficient to help keep the athletes strong and explosive as they have practices going at the same time, he says don’t do more so you don’t overexert yourself. Then after the season each athlete usually has some off time. During this time most just go to the gym or exercise to maintain their condition. However, John recommends strength training as it continues to allow the athlete to get stronger even during their off season. The formula at NYSF is set for most sports and athletes. They aim to work movements and not body parts, keeping you explosive and stronger. Once the athlete gets to college and are playing D1 sports then John says it’s okay to change your routine and get a little more focused on a particular skill or muscle group needed for the respective sport.