(WETM) – This week in Jump Start to Living Well Grant is back with owner of New York Sport and Fitness Heather Maio! They discuss ways to help keep health manageable as it can be overwhelming at times. Especially during the summertime where people are either busting it at the gym to look good or totally letting themselves go relaxing outside. Heather shares with Grant two simple ways to stay on top of your health this summer. The first is to simply get outside on a sunny day. Heather shares the health benefits of getting just a little bit of sun each day, noting the early morning sun to be the most beneficial. It helps in so many ways, including sleep, which is important as sleep is imperative to any weight loss or muscle gain goal. Grant is concerned about wrinkles but Heather assures him that just a couple minutes of sun will help tremendously. The second tip Heather shares this week is the benefits of walking. She emphasized that you don’t need to walk for miles. A simple five minute walk after a meal will do wonders for people struggling with high blood glucose. Grant also is excited about hiking in the area and Heather confirms that’s another great way to enjoy a day outside. Next week Heather and Grant will go over even more ways to keep your health manageable in ways you might not even consider!