(WETM) – This week New York Sport and Fitness Owner Heather Maio is back and gives us one final piece of advice as we head into the summer to keep health manageable – lift a weight! She says after you get your head right with the gratitude and mindfulness, it’s time to put those to use and lift some weights. Heather recommends strength training 2 to 3 times a week for fifty minutes to an hour. She stresses how we all have that time, even the busiest of us. Even this amount of strength training will come with huge health and physical benefits. For those such at Grant who need to do something every day, Heather says on the days you aren’t strength training, to get outside and go for that hike or walk that Grant loves to go on. Recovery is the most important aspect when coming to strength training so it is best to not over do it and keep the weight lifting to around 3 times a week.