Jump Start to Living Well: The first step to a proper exercise routine – sleep!

Jump Start to Living Well

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – In this weeks episode of Jump Start to Living Well, Heather and Grant meet up at the gym to discuss the first and most important aspect to a healthy and balanced workout plan: sleep! Grant shares with Heather his chaotic sleep schedule and the fact that he relies on Benadryl at times to get a good nights sleep. Heather shakes her head at this and instead provides the alternative of Melatonin, saying it is the natural sleep hormone which will help you wake up without the feeling over a “sleep hangover”. Heather also recommends getting rid of any blue light before bedtime. That means any television or scrolling on the phone. This also messes with the ability to sleep. An alternative is reading or even glasses that rid yourselves of the blue light. Once Heather leaves, Grant does his usual workout at NYSF but changes are coming as soon as next week when they will dive into a new workout routine for Grant.

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