HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – As high schoolers and college kids enter the summer time, it is important to for them to keep up their training to prepare for the following school year. After a short rest or break, most of them jump right back into training. But what is the best way for this to happen? New York Sport and Fitness offers the strength training classes which many of these young athletes take advantage of both during their on and off season. Owner John Maio is back this week and explains how for any sport at the high school level the goal is about mobility, as most of them play more than one sport. The strength training classes provide a perfect outlet for this as they are geared to make the athlete much more stronger overall. Over the summer, John recommends the typical three day a week strength training program. When their respective sports season starts, the young athletes can scale back and get away with one or two days of strength training as practice kicks in and is a good substitute.