Jumpstart to Living Well: Tackling Nutrition Myths

Jump Start to Living Well

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – New York Sport & Fitness trainer Heather Maio is back the newest edition of Jump Start to Living Well. In this week’s episode, Maio tackles nutrition myths.

Myth 1: “Carbs make you gain weight”. Maio says that this just isn’t true, however types of carbs matter. Carbs like cereals, treats, and chips they’re hyper-palatable meaning you can keep eating them. Getting your carbs from things like fruits and vegetables is good because no one sits down and eats 5 bananas in a row.

Myth 2: “Eating healthy is expensive”. This also isn’t true, while eating all-natural and all-organic can get pricey you won’t go out to eat convenience food and more importantly not all healthy food is all-organic or all-natural. Canned and frozen fruits and vegetables are still healthy says Maio and budget-friendly.

Myth 3: “You should not eat close to bedtime”. Maio says that this does have some truth to it but it’s not the calories at night at unhealthy, she says it’s the type of food most people are eating at night. She also says, eating close to bedtime can affect your sleep which means you’ll wake up tired and craving carbs from the lack of sleep.

Myth 4: “Eating 5-6 small meals a day boosts metabolism”. Maio says that this also isn’t true and that we need to get back to 3 meals a day, big meals that can help carry you through a couple of hours and keep you away from snacking all day. She also says snacking normally leads to unhealthy snacking so try to keep the snacking at a minimum.

Myth 5: “Eating Healthy is hard to do if you’re busy”. Maio also saying this myth is just that, a myth. She says it just takes extra preparation, making that meal plan, taking time to plan lunches and being creative in the kitchen or buying pre-packaged meals.

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