MILAN, Pa. (WETM) – Today’s Pet of the Week is an energetic good boy from Animal Care Sanctuary.

Atlas is a 2-year-old pup who’s ready to go as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. ACS says that an ideal day for this 62-lb. boy is a training session for his ball-handling skills and a hearty breakfast.

He loves hikes and has energy to spare. “If Atlas were a human, he;d likely be a wind turbine technician,” ACS quipped.

He’s agile, has a great sense of direction a “super sniffer”, is up for any weather conditions, and is an excellent team player.

ACS said Atlas gets along with other dogs that can match his play style and energy and likely would do well with kids and cats.

Anyone interested in adopting Atlas from ACS can call 570-596-2200.