(WETM) — Today’s Pet of the Week is a gorgeous girl from Animal Care Sanctuary.

Felicia is a very sweet kitty who loves affection. Felicia is a big fan of sitting on laps and cuddling humans. She would prefer to have all of the love and attention to herself, so she would prefer to be the only pet in the home. One of Felicia’s caretakers said she likes to run around with other cats at the shelter sometimes, so she might be okay with other kitties if she has enough space to get away from them for some me-time.

Felicia has never met a dog before and would probably prefer to be the only cat in a home unless her feline housemates respect Felicia’s boundaries. She would be fine with kids who aren’t too rowdy as well.

Felicia has been at Animal Care Sanctuary for about one year, and before that, she was at a different shelter for one year. This poor kitty was a stray before ending up in shelters, so she likely has never had a home. Felicia is very eager to find a forever family that will shower her with cuddles and treats.

Felicia is already spayed and up-to-date on all of her vaccinations, so she’s ready to go home. If you would like to make this pretty kitty part of your family, you can stop by Animal Care Sanctuary to visit Felicia or call the shelter at 570-596-2200.