(WETM) — Today’s Pet of the Week is a pair of adorable kittens from the Finger Lakes SPCA.

Phoebe and Marley were rescued from a drainage catch basin by a Good Samaritan during a rainstorm when they 3 weeks old. The Finger Lakes SPCA says that despite their rough start in life, the pair are thriving and now searching for a family to call their own.

The pair are a brother and sister duo and are tightly bonded with one another. They are now 9-10 weeks old and are fully socialized. They love to be picked up and handled, have very loud purr, and love to choose each other and their toys.

They are litter trained and have up-to-date vaccinations. Plus, the Finger Lakes SPCA says that they can be adopted together for just one adoption fee!

Anyone interested in adopting Pheobe and Marley can contact the Finger Lakes SPCA by calling (607) 776-3039 or emailing info@FingerLakesSPCA.org.