The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Mountain Dew Cookbook, Cooking steak with a toaster, and the proms newest dance move

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Scott and Ally from WINK 106 join 18 News Today anchors Matt Paddock and Fontaine Glen every Friday to discuss trending and buzzworthy topics in “The Buzz with Scott & Ally.”

This week the two start of with a new and unique cookbook coming to kitchens nationwide. Mountain unveiling new soda-inspired recipes for the inner gamer and soda lover in all of us.

Next up on the block, the two discussing a new Tik-Tok trend where kids are cooking steaks inside of their toasters. Now, while this may sound weird, the toaster actually works at cooking the steak to a medium rare… personally I’d still recommend cooking your steak on a grill or in a frying pan.

Also, according to a new study involving over 20,000 people, taking those daily vitamins has proven to not really help the average person. According to the study only individuals with deficiencies actually noticed medical benefits from these supplements.

Lastly, with COVID-19 continuing to change the way of life across the world, a new trend is coming to dance floors across America. While the stereotypical prom dance move was wrapping your arms around your partners shoulder, now some are saying the new dance move should be dancing back-to-back in order to avoid face to face interaction. Scott and Ally using their satire to show viewers just what this new dance move looks like.

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