The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Buffalo Bills, Monkey-tail mustache, and The man, the myth, the Bern

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Scott and Ally from WINK 106 join 18 News Today anchors Matt Paddock and Fontaine Glenn every Friday to discuss trending and buzzworthy topics in “The Buzz with Scott & Ally.

This week the two discuss all things Buffalo Bills, whether or not the morning crew thinks Scott should try out a new look, and Bernie Sanders making a brief appearance to the WINK 106 studio.

This weeks segment starting off with Scott looking apparently distraught, when Ally asked him why that was he responded with, “I jinxed the team”. Scott referencing the superstitions die-hard sports fans have for their teams. Last week Scott wore his Bills ‘ugly sweater’ and the Bills ended up winning, but this week he forgot it and showed his dismay.

Ally then followed up by asking Scott if he’s apart of Bills Mafia and he responded with ‘of course’, and offering Ally the opportunity to join by putting her through a foldable table, a Bills Mafia tradition, and “swearing-in”.

Also, Buffalo supermarkets taking Kansas City BBQ sauces off store shelves leading up to this weekends playoff tilt.

Next up, the two discuss a trend that’s sweeping the internet. The photo of Bernie Sanders has become an online meme, and this week the meme made its way to the Wink 106 studio where Scott and Ally could ‘feel the Bern’, for a little bit of their segment.

Lastly, 18 New’s talented editor Kathleen Luecke was able to give both the viewers at home and the morning team a peek at what Scott would look like with the new trending ‘Monkey-tail mustache’. 18 New’s Matt Paddock and Grant Chungo both coming to the decision that this is one trend that Scott Free should swipe left with and not pursue.

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