The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Cassette tapes, Viennetta Cake, and Samsungs QLED TV

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) –  Scott and Ally from WINK 106 join 18 News Today anchor Matt Paddock and Fontaine Glenn every Friday to discuss trending and buzzworthy topics in “The Buzz with Scott & Ally.

In this weeks segment Scott and Ally discuss the possible comeback of the Cassette tape, one of Ally’s guilty pleasures growing up, Viennetta Cake and how Samsung is quite literally changing the game when it comes to working from home.

First off Scott and Ally try to have fun with a question, joking if anyone would like to continue their subscription to 2021.

Next on the plate, a comeback is underway. The cassette is making a comeback but Ally isn’t sure if that’s the best idea. Ally says a vinyl is easy and you can find where the song is, but with a cassette you just don’t know where you are and what’s next.

Another comeback, the viennetta cake. Scott joking that this ‘log of ice cream’ was great as a kid but that it was too expensive, joking that “it costs too much for 6 inches.”

Lastly, Scott and Ally discuss how your TV no longer just broadcasts your favorite shows. Samsung has come up with a way to sit in your living room and have all of your work in front of you. The 2021 Samsung TV now can help you stay healthy and even accomplish everyday tasks through its new technology. (To find more watch Scott and Allys breakdown).

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