The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Dad jokes, freezing grapes, and water and mental health

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – On this week’s episode of the Buzz, Scott and Ally take us through the latest trends. This week the two talk about dad jokes, freezing grapes as a mid-day snack and how water can affect your mental health.

Scott and Ally starting off this weeks segment with reaction to a story that our 18 New’s Matt Paddock put together on Woody Latour and how he uses dad jokes to help uplift his Bath communities spirits. In the video Woody and Matt go toe-to-toe in a battle of the dad jokes… something Scott Free also wanted to jump in on.

Throughout the segment Scott dropping trending news related dad jokes as well as jokes such as “Why did Snoop carry an umbrella? and responding with ‘Fo Drizzle’. His last dad joke was our morning meteorologist Jessica Camuto’s favorite of the segment which went, “What are the strongest days of the week…. Saturday and Sundays because the rest are weekdays.”

Our Matt Paddock responding to Scott’s comments with one of his own stating, “It’s inappropriate to make a dad joke if you’re not a dad… it’s a bit of a faux Pa… but I’ll give it a try”,’What did the ranch say when someone opened the refrigerator door? Close the door i’m dressing!”.

Next up on this weeks trending topics Ally talks about a Gale Payne original… talking about putting grapes in the freezer. Ally says that this is the BEST treat, especially when rolled in sugar.

Lastly, a new study shows that being near water improves mental health. If you’re feeling down and blue, the study suggests find water… even if it’s a fountain. The water will help improve your mood immediately.

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