The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Kids getting outdoors, digital learning, and Mac N’ Cheese for breakfast

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – In this week’s episode of the Buzz with Scott and Ally, they discuss children playing outdoors, Mac N’ Cheese for breakfast, mask mouth, and digital learning.

Have your parents ever said “to go play in the woods,” well they weren’t’ wrong. A study came out saying for children to get in tune with nature they need to spend time outside by themselves without others joining them.

Kraft has come up with a new marketing trend of Mac N’ Cheese for breakfast and Scott and Ally are loving it. Ally said she would add egg, bacon, and drizzle maple syrup and you have Sunday brunch.

A new thing dentists are talking about is mask mouth. Since you are only breathing in your own air and not getting fresh air giving you bad breath.

With teachers and children going back to school possibly, their checklist is changing. Another thing that could be added is wireless microphones for the children so when they talk it’s not as muffled.

Another aspect for children learning this upcoming school year is digital learning. A tip for digital learners is to wear headphones so you can zero in on your studies and stay focused.

This weeks Web Extra is a newly released date for Amazon and a watermelon burger?

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