The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Tik-Tok challenge throws Scott for a loop and a sticker situation for one young boy

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

(WETM)- Scott and Ally from WINK 106 join 18 News Today anchor Matt Paddock and Chelsea Lovell every Friday to discuss trending and buzzworthy topics in “The Buzz with Scott & Ally.

This week Scott and Ally start with a story about a cute baby named “Harvey”.

Harvey’s mom had a bit of a scare when she went to change his diaper and saw a hole in his mouth.

Terrified she rushes Harvey to the ER but once she got there she relaized it was just a sticker stuck to the roof of his mouth.

Next up, Ally messing with Scott live on air with a Tik Tok Challenge that has gone viral called the “Yes” challenge.

To take part you start by asking someone to spell, what does y-e-s spell? ‘

After that you ask “What does e-y-e-s spell”?

Scott would go on to fail the challenge by emphasizing and pronouncing the our normal word ‘eyes’ as ‘E’-YESSSSSSSS. (Watch the video you won’t regret it)

Scott and Ally finishing this weeks ‘Buzz’ with a teaser of next weeks episode. Here’s your hint, it’ll will be a ‘belly buster’, you will NOT want to miss it!

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