The Buzz with Scott and Ally: Walking your husband, more brainpower to fight, just keep your returns and Bills fever

The Buzz with Scott and Ally

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – In this week’s episode of the Buzz with Scott and Ally, One Canadian woman walks her husband and still gets fined for being out past curfew, we use more brainpower to fight, Amazon and Walmart saying keep your returns on certain purchases and Scott has some Bills fever.

One couple in Canada was really looking to get out of their house but couldn’t case of curfews set by the Canadian government. To get around this the woman decided to talk her man out for a walk since they did not have a dog. Unfortunately they did still get fined $1,200.

A new study shows it takes more brainpower to fight than to be kind. The study found we take a lot of our energy fighting about stuff instead of trying to find common ground. Scott says, “Stop arguing!”

His moto has been for this new year is “no excuses,” and he says not like the sports cliche no excuses but to think positive in this new year.

Amazon and Walmart are implementing new polices about returning your purchases. Whether it is a really big purchases or really small ones, they are saying to just keep it.

Scott makes a costume change into his Christmas Buffalo Bills sweater. He holds up all his Bills memorabilia ahead of the game on Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens but he brings in a really neat throwback sweatshirt. He holds up his dad’s 1991 Eastern Division Champs sweatshirt with the team they beat to get there. It sure sounds like he and Ally have some Bills Fever.

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