ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Elizabeth “Biz” Hart, a school nurse at Diven Elementary School in Elmira, has been recognized by the New York State Association of School Nurses as an “Everyday Hero.”

Biz was one of 11 nurses in the state recognized as part of National School Nurse Day on May 12.

It’s easy to see from her photo that Biz is fun to be around. Her colleague writes that in addition to being an invaluable resource to the staff on all things health-related, she is a caring and nurturing individual as well. Biz makes sure her supply of extra shoes, clothing and outdoor wear for her students is always well stocked to the point of making purchases from her own pocket when necessary. One example of her kindness and ingenuity was when she helped a young student who wore leg braces without shoes who was having difficulty with PT exercises during school. To help make PT easier, Biz found, bought and modified shoes that would fit the braces. Knowing this student also loved the cartoon “Ryan’s World,” she painted the shoes with characters from the show. This was just one example out of many where Biz has shown care and concern for her students. As her friend, Shelly, writes, “…there is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t make students and staff here at Diven feel welcomed, safe

Congratulations and thank you to Biz for all of her hard work helping local children.