ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – 6-year-old Micheal Lane-Smith was saving money for college when he started thinking about the front-line workers that are working night and day to keep some normalcy during this pandemic. He wanted to do something for them.

He took his $70 and bought 14 dozen (that is 168 for those playing at home) donuts from a local Dunkin’ and started on his path of smiles. He delivered donuts to the Elmira Police Department, Chemung County Sheriff’s Department, Arnot Hospital, and the Elmira Fire Department.

“Everyone was super appreciative, overwhelmed with joy.” Minnie Smith, Micheal’s mother, said as they were handing out the donuts. Minnie told us that Dunkin’ was so excited about what he was doing, they gave him 2 dozen extra to give out.

Micheal’s desire to want to brighten the spirits of these workers spawned from a conversation about Memorial Day and its meaning which then got him and his mother talking about death and heaven. He calls COVID-19 “the sickness” which is his way of understanding the crisis.

Upon the donut delivery, Sheriff Schrom appointed Micheal as an honorary Junior Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department with a pin as seen in the video above.

Micheal was also given a quick tour of an Elmira Fire Department Firetruck.

As we enter the downslope of this pandemic, it is the little things that people do that can really brighten your spirits. Even though things often look scary, 18 News is dedicated to bringing you good uplifting news from the Twin Tiers and around during this global crisis.

From all of us at 18 News, thank you Micheal.