UTICA, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – As we continue to try to combat the pandemic, Steven and Colleen Pardi of The Ilion Medicine Shoppe are working to not only get the community tested for COVID-19, but provide Monoclonal Antibody treatment at their wellness clinic at Francesca’s Banquet and Catering Hall.

“Many people have said that I really think this saved my wife or I really think this saved my wife’s life so it definitely works there’s no doubt about it,” said Pharmacist Steven Pardi, who runs the clinic along with his wife Colleen.

The treatment is two shots of monoclonal antibodies that go directly after the coronavirus. Pardi explains that this is intended for people who have risk factors for the infection, especially if they have tested positive for the virus.

“Some of the risk factors are age over 65, BMI, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung conditions, kidney conditions, immune suppression and pregnancy. When we do this treatment you’re getting the full blast of the antibody effect where as the vaccine or the booster it takes 14 days for the body to build up to that maximum amount,” said Pardi.

About a week ago, Pardi says that there was a temporary shortage due to the Federal Government cutting off shipments. However, The Medicine Shoppe worked with the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) to locate over 300 doses, and they are now well supplied. When it comes to the cost the Federal Government has purchased a large quantity of this antibody treatment, which they supply to the state and the states distribute to treatment centers.

“There ends up being no copay to the patient if they have insurance we take whatever the insurance pays and there’s copay if they don’t have insurance my wife and I are covering the expense of that so there’s no out of pocket cost we want everyone to get treated,” said Pardi.

This particular antibody does not work well when fighting the omicron variant, but Pardi tells us that scientists are working on rolling out a treatment for this new variant soon.