SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – With fall just around the corner, it’s time to think about bringing some of your plants indoors for the cold months ahead.

Certain flowering plants, like geraniums, can actually be dried out for the duration of winter and be planted again in the spring.

“The concept is you’re basically going to take all of the dirt or as much of the dirt from around this root ball as you can,” explained Charlie Todd of Chamberlain Acres.

Using a soft hose, you can rinse away almost all the dirt from the roots. It doesn’t hurt to also trim the stalks down to get rid of the leaves that will just dry out and die.

Then, it’s as simple as putting the plant in a cardboard box or paper bag and storing it in a cool, dry, dark place during winter. Geraniums, specifically, like to be kept in a 4-50-degree place.

When spring comes, just plant the geranium in some soil and start introducing moisture and sunlight, and it should take off again.

Todd said this can help save money and keep some of your favorite flowers alive.

And with any plant you bring inside for the winter, Todd said it’s important to keep their conditions stable and somewhat shaded. This will help prevent an abnormally warm day from affecting the growth of the plant in the middle of winter.